'The Ghost Stalker"Image Size 13"x19" price $40.00
"A Lotta Bull" Size 11.5"x16.5" Price $30.00
"The Runaway"  14" x14" price $40.00
"Puzzle Day at the Beach" Image size 6.5"x 8.5" Price $35.00 with mat  $25.00 w/o mat
"A Christmas Wish" Image size 10.25"x 10" price $30.00
"Catch Me If You Can" Image size 10"x14" Price $35.00
"A Horse Of Course" Image size 12'x16" Price $30.00
"No Place Like Home" Image size 12.5"x16.5" Price $40.00
"Locked On Target" Image size 12.5"x17" Price $40.00
"The Trespasser" Image size  15.5"x20" Price $40.00
"Lost Ball" Image size 12"x16" Price $35.00
"Waiting for Ed"  SORRY, This is a SOLD OUT EDITION
"Pigtails & Hay Bales" Image size 13.5"x19.25" Price $40.00
"Estell" Image size 4.5"x6.5" Price $25.00 w/mat
"On The Edge" Image Size 14"x19" Price $40.00
"Christmas Morning"  Image size 12.5"x19.5" Price $40.00
"The Witness" Image size 10.25"x13.75" Price $30.00
"First Snow" Image size 13.25"x19" Price $40.00
"The STrongest Survive" Image size 14.5"x19.25" Price $40.00
"Before the Jump" Image size 4.5"x7.5" Price $25.00 w/mat
"Gee Whiz" Image size 6"x9" Price $25.00 w/mat
"End of The Road" Image size 17"x20" Price $40.00
"The Mother In Law" Image size 7"x11" Price $25.00
"Four Of A Kind" Image size 14"x20" Price $40.00
"The Mystery Meet" Image size 11.25"x 19.25" Price $40.00
"A Bowhunters Dream" Image size 8"x12" Price $25.00
"Woodson's Mill" Image size 13.5"x19" Price $40.00
"Peace In The Valley" Image size 8.50"x20" Price $35.00
"Only Ewe" Image size 6.75"x10" Price $25.00
"Low Tide Encounter" Image size 7.75"x11" Price $25.00
"A Little Squirrely" Image size 5.5"x8.5" Price $30.00
"The Scout" Image size 9.5"x18.5" Price $30.00
"The Secret" Image size 10.75"x19.5" Price $40.00
"Spring Gobbler" Image size 18"x18" Price $40.00
"Heidi -Ho" Image size 10"x13.5" Price $30.00
"Who?" Image size 9"x12" Price $27.50
"Virginia Bowhunter" Image size 11"x15" Price $35.00
"A Valley Day" Image size 12.5"x19" Price $40.00
"Black on Black" Image size 4"x6" Price $25.00
"After Midnight" Image size 9.5x10.75" Price $25.00 w/o mat $40.00 w/mat
"Been Naughty" Image size 9.25"x11.5" Price $25.00 w/o mat $40.00 w/mat
"Christmas Past" Image size 6.25"x11.75" Price $25.00w/o mat $40.00w/mat
"Hum-Hum-Hummertime" Image size 7.5"x10" Price $25.00
"On The Rocks" Image size 7.25"x9.5"  Price $35.00
"I Hate Flies" Image size  4.75"x6.75" Price $25.00 w/mat
"October Afternoon" Image size14"x10.25" Price $40.00
"Rose Of Sharon" Image size 6"x10" Price $35.00 w/mat
"The Keeper" Image size 8.75"x13.5" Price $$35.00w/o mat $45.00w/mat
"A Feather Tale" Image size 15.25"x12" Price $30.00
"Nap Time"  Image size 5.75"x8" Price $25.00 w/mat
"Before The Storm" Image size 13.75"x 19.25" Price $45.00
"A Whitetail Winter" Image size 14"x18" Price $45.00
"Silent One" Image size 11"x15.5" Price $35.00
"Welcoming an Old Friend" Image size 16"x21.5" Price $50.00
"The Confrontation" Image size 16"x 19" Price $60.00
"A Crow to Pick" Image size 10 1/8" x 6 5/8" with mat $40.00 without mat $25.00
"The Last Hunt"  Image size 16" x 21"  Price $60.00
"Carolina Wren" Image size 9"x 10" Price with 12"x12" mat $35.00 without mat $25.00
"Red Bellied Woodpecker" Im age size 9"x 9" Price $35.00 with 12"x12"mat--$25.00 without mat
Robin, Image size 9"x10" matted size 12"x12" Price with mat $35.00 Price without mat $25.00
"Dear Santa" Image size 15.5"x20" Price $50.00
"Granddads Woods" Image size 16" x 20" plus 1.5" border. Price $50.00
"Dads Flannel Shirt" Image size 12.5" x 18" Price $50.00
"Moving In" Image size 8.5"x12.5" plus 1.5" border Price $35.00
"Valley Bluegrass" size 16" x 27" price $60.00
A Summer Gem" Matted size 9" x12"  Price with mat $35.00 without mat $25.00
"Huh?" Matted size 9" x12"  Price with mat $35.00 without mat $25.00
"Losing Your Marbles" Image size 10"x10" Price $30.00
"Gentleman Jacks Revenge" Size 18" x 25" Price $65.00
"Knock on Wood" Image size 10" x 16" plus 1.5" white border. Overall size  15" x 19" Price $40.00
"Shame on You" Image size 10" x 14" plus 1.5" border. Price without mat $30.00
Price with mat $45.00
"The Lesson" Image size 8"x17". Price with mat $45.00, without mat $30.00
"A Place in Time" Image size 8.5" x11.5" Price with mat $45.00 Price without mat $30.00.
"Trimble's Thunder"
Image size 17.5" x 23" plus a 2" border.  Price $60.00
"Shenandoah Valley Vision" Image size 6.25" x 15.5" plus 1.5 " border. Limited Edition of 175 prints. Price of print only $45.00 with 10.25" x 19.5" Suede Mat $60.00.
"A Moment of Peace" Image size 16.25" x21.75" price $75.00
"Dinner at Our Place"  Image Size 12" x18" Price $40.00
Limited Edition Prints

  *  Click on images to enlarge
  *  Click on images to enlarge
Open Edition Miniature Prints
* All sizes are image only, most prints have a 2" border
Twelve  Snowman  Series
The following prints are the only ones still 
 available in the series and come with a
  9"x12" Blue or Maroon Suede Mat
* Mats included with all open edition prints
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"Snow Lovers" Image size 5.25"x8.25" Price $30.00 w/mat
"The Snow Ball" Image size 5.25"x8.25" Price $30.00 w/mat
"Snoah" Image size 5.25"x8.25" Price $30.00 w/mat
"The Newly Weds"Image size 5.25"x8.25" Price $30.00 w/mat
"The Grand Kids" Image size 5.25"x8.25" Price $30.00 w/mat
"Having A Ball" Image size 5.25"x8.25" Price $30.00 w/mat
"Winter Says Goodbye" Image size 5.25"x8.25" Price $30.00 w/mat

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"Fearless One Image size 6"x9" Price $17.50 w/mat
"Waiting for Ed" Sorry Thiis is a SOLD OUT PRINT
"Lazy Ewe" Image size 7.25"x 3.75" Price $17.50 w/mat
"Four of A Kind" Image size 6"x8" Price $17.50 w/mat
"First Snow" Image size 7.50x5.25"  Price $17.50 w/mat
"Dinner at Our Place" Image size 5.25"x7.75" Price $17.50 w/mat
"Christmas Morning" Image size 5.25x7.50 Price $17.50 w/mat
"A Valley Day" Image size 5"x7.75 Price $17.50 w/mat
I'll Be Home For Christmas" Image size 5.25"x7.50" Price $17.50 w/mat
"On The Rocks" Image size 4"x5" Price $15.00 w/mat
"Before The Storm" Image size 5.50"x7.50" Price $15.00 w/mat